We live New Orleans. We love New Orleans.  Our licensed tour guides have 3+ years experience riding and guiding through all the neighborhoods of the city.



Andrew has been pedicabbing for three years and living in New Orleans for five. He plays music and reads about New Orleans history in his spare time. A creative writing major from the University of Redlands, Andrew connects most with the poetry of New Orleans life, the dips and turns this city throws at you. He loves to share his sense for life as a grand adventure with his guests, and gets to do so by tapping his passion for cycling and the outdoors.

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Andrew madaj

Andrew is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, but has spent the last ten years in the historic cities of Savannah and New Orleans.  In Savannah, he studied Architecture at the Savannah College of Art and Design and began pedicabbing.  In 2014, he moved to New Orleans to pedicab in a new, more challenging environment.  Andrew is a certified welder, an avid runner, and the current New Orleans Library System Geography Bee champion.  Andrew finds a great mix of his interests in pedicabbing; He enjoys the opportunity to combine his architectural knowledge, physical stamina, and historical and geographical understanding into a performance for visitors.


Karl Joensson

Karl grew up in Sweden, where he studied philosophy and medicine. He is a Swedish MD, a Master of Clinical Medicine and a part time Ph.D. student. A dedicated runner and bicyclist, he never owned a car. During 2014, Karl moved to New Orleans to marry his Louisiana-born wife. An adopted New Orleanian, he enjoys being a part of visitors’ experiences of the city and how pedicabbing can help people touch, feel, hear and smell such a vibrant place. Karl appreciates New Orleans’ tolerance, amazing mix of people from different backgrounds, music, architecture and, of course, food.